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Spinal Cord Injuries

The brain is indeed one of the most important organs of the body. But then, it’s just that; one of many. This means there are a few others. One of these “few others” is the spinal cord. How much do you know about your spinal cord and its importance in your life?

The brain and spinal cord are what you may consider adjoined twins. They work together hand in hand and without one, the other fails. While the brain controls all body functions up to and including your ability to walk, the spinal cord transports signals from the brain to the body organs, and these signals include instructions, distress, and emotions. You’ll not be able to feel pain if the information doesn’t travel from the brain to your injury point. You’ll not be able to walk if the instruction doesn’t travel from the brain to your legs. The spinal cord, therefore, is one large highway in your body without which almost all body functions fail. That’s how important it is.

Spinal cord injuries are of different magnitudes, but in most cases, they inhibit your ability to do anything from the point of injury, going downwards. This means that the brain will only be able to send signals and instructions to the point of injury, where it’ll face an obstacle and therefore fail to proceed. In worse cases, spinal cord injuries lead to death.


The causes of spinal cord injuries are not too different from those that cause brain injuries. Accidents of any kind can cause spinal cord injuries, and the common ones are:

  • Road accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Surgical accidents

The big question here is usually on whether or not the accident was caused due to someone’s actions or omissions.

What You Should Do

Give us a call as soon as you can. If you choose to be represented by someone whose experience is not substantial, then you may be risking a loss. Why don’t you let us take over your case? We know our way through personal injury cases, considering that this is our area of expertise. We know what you need, and we have the means to get it. Our team of lawyers is experienced and has the requisite skills to secure you a win. Let us take care of you, and you’ll eventually take care of us upon winning your case.

  • Sports injuries
  • Slips and falls
  • Assaults and fights

In many of these incidents and accidents, the injuries were caused because someone else did not act responsibly.

What We Will Do

Spinal cord injuries are so serious and need urgent medical attention. If attended to as soon as they happen, your chances of permanent incapacitation will reduce. However, if you take too long to get professional medical assistance, then you may lose your ability to walk among other body functions, and may even die in the worst-case scenario. Something else you should keep in mind is that dealing with spinal cord injuries requires healthcare experts who specialize in such cases and therefore have the requisite skills to treat you. Otherwise, you may risk getting insufficient medical attention. We know many professionals in the healthcare sector and will ensure that you’re connected with and to them so that you can get expert care as soon as possible and increase your chances of a quick recovery.

Do not worry about medical expenses; get well as we handle everything else for you. Spinal cord injuries are usually very expensive to treat because of their complex natures. You may, therefore, hesitate to get professional medical assistance for fear that you may not be able to handle the bills. Relax, we’ve got you covered! We shall organize for the settling of your medical bills, and consider this an advance on your settlement which we shall fight to win a fair and adequate compensation, encompassing among other things, your medical expenses.

We shall fight your case on all fronts after collecting enough evidence and witness accounts. We want to win your case as soon as possible as doctors work to ensure you get well soon. While you’re in recovery, we shall proceed with preparations for the case and ensure we have everything we need. We consider this our armor, and it should be adequate enough to win a settlement or a court trial, both of which should reciprocate a fair and adequate compensation.

We shall consult expert practitioners in not only the medical field but also rehabilitation to help in the valuation of your damages. We realize that with spinal cord injuries, your damage costs may be pretty high considering the fact that treatment is quite expensive, rehabilitation costs are high and getting a professional to be watching and monitoring you, and your progress may also be costly. Also, consider the pain you must have incurred during and after the accident, the emotional distress the loss of income among other losses and damages. We shall work all this out while making these important consultations to ensure we have the right figures of fair compensation.

We shall make sure that we get you compensated through a settlement upon reaching an amicable agreement on what we’ll regard as fair, meaning it’ll have met the threshold of your needs and the magnitude of your losses.


  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost income
  • Reduced earnings capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional damages
  • Punitive damages (if applicable)

Have you suffered a spinal cord injury? Has any of your family members or loved ones suffered the same? Did the injury happen as a result of someone’s negligence, actions or omissions? Well, reach out to us today! Don’t wait too long since a statute of limitation will bar your claim if the time expires. Remember that we don’t charge unless and until we win!