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Slip and Fall Accidents

How many times have you slipped in your life? Perhaps more than you can count. It’s because we slip and fall almost all the time; in the bathroom, in the streets, in the field, in a grocery store or supermarket, our in the park and even in the beach. We know that it’s unimaginable to pursue a case on slip and falls. But do you know how serious their injuries can be? These accidents can cause permanent incapacitation when they lead to spinal cord injuries which are not uncommon at all. They also cause lead to brain injuries where an individual falls and hits their head. This could lead to either temporary or permanent incapacitation. In worse cases, slip and fall accidents could lead to death. These cases are common with old people because of the weak nature of their bones and their fragility. Still don’t think slip and fall accidents are serious enough? The stated results of the accidents, therefore, are reason enough for why you should seek compensation after a slip and fall.

Age Considerations

Who can be entitled compensation for slip and fall accidents? Have you been troubled by this question? Worry no more because we have all the answers right here for you. Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone of any age, and therefore, anyone can raise a claim of compensation after a slip and fall accident, whether young or old.

While age is not a factor in seeking compensation for a slip and fall accident, it becomes a consideration when determining the amount of compensation that can be offered or if any at all. The following are the two groups of individuals who may be compensated differently due to various varying factors:

Young victims. Young people, mostly at their teen age have higher chances of getting compensated handsomely. This is because they’re regarded to be at a point of high productivity. They’re also young, meaning that a slip and fall accident that incapacitates them may hinder a lot of activities along the way like education and job acquisition and they’ll have a long way to go, living this way. However, this does not mean that insurance companies will yield so easily to their compensation demands. That’s why you need us to represent your claim and fight for your compensation.


The elderlies. Old folks usually have lower chances of compensation, and in any case that they win any, they may not be given an amount have as much as that which may be given to younger victims. This is because they’re considered lesser productive and are seen to have lesser requirements in life because of their old age. They no longer have much to do ahead or as long a life as younger victims. This is what insurance companies usually put in play to knock down or marginalize the amount of compensation entitled to an elderly victim. Do you see why you need us? We have a way to go above this and ensure that whichever age you are, you get compensated fairly and adequately.

Proving Fault

On your own, you may never be able to prove fault in a slip and fall because these cases are as slippery as their nature. How will you prove that the owner of the garden you slipped in is responsible and therefore liable for the damages incurred? How will you prove that a particular store owner is responsible for the damages incurred in the fall you suffered while walking down the stairs or getting onto an escalator?

Slip and falls have two major elements:

  • Negligence
  • Injury

Negligence is a great consideration in a slip and fall accident. When the accident happens due to someone else’s negligence, then you can state a bold claim for compensation. In this case, therefore, reach out to us as soon as possible so that you can be connected to one of our best slip and fall lawyers. Remember, time is of the essence in these cases.


Have you ever been injured in a slip and fall accident? How badly were you hurt? Well, since these accidents can never be foreseen and in very common cases where negligence is not involved, cannot be prevented, the injuries sustained, too, cannot be predicted. They could be minor bruises or severe injuries. Most people are usually lucky to walk away with none at all.

When after a slip and fall do you know that you need to see a doctor instantly? The following are the most common slip and fall injuries that warrant immediate medical attention:

  • Broken/fractured bones
  • Back and spine injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Broken hips and/or pelvis
  • Torn ligaments and tendons
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Internal bleeding

Old folks have weak bodies and even weaker bones. Considering the fact that slip and fall accidents often target the bones, old folks may not survive these falls and may therefore die from their injuries or even in the spot, depending on how serious the accident was.



These can be categorized into slip and falls due to:

Action. Someone’s actions may make you slip and or fall, and they include spills, altered state of surfaces due to a particular activity, for example, a wet surface due to cleaning, disposing of debris in walkways, and blocked view among others.

Omission. Someone’s failure to act may cause your slip and fall. These omissions include but are not limited to failure to firmly anchor a mat or rag, poor lighting of common areas in stores like walkways, and missing handrails in balconies and even staircases.

Other causes. These include but are not limited to wet floors due to bad weather, poor conditions of walkways, protruding objects and even opened cabinets.

What You Should Do

Slip and fall accidents should always be responded to with promptness. This is because the collection of evidence and proof of injury, cause of the injury and negligence are critical, yet may not last long. Remember that what caused your injury may not be in the same position or condition as it was during the time you slipped and fell. Therefore, it is critical that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Considering that we major in personal injury claims and have expert slip and fall attorneys in our team, then why don’t you give us a call as soon as possible and let us handle your slip and fall case?

What We Will Do

Evidence is critical in slip and fall accidents; therefore, we shall ensure that we have it all as soon as we possibly can. This evidence should include photographs of the scene of the accident and what caused it. This will help prove negligence. It’s also critical that we provide your medical records and reports from health care professionals as evidence. This will help show the extent of your injuries and therefore prove negligence. Finally, witness accounts and testimonies are of crucial importance, because they can confirm or deny your narrative, which is the backbone of our case.

After establishing fault and having satisfied both major elements of the same, we can thus proceed to building your case. We want a sure win; therefore, we’ll take our time with preparation, which is of great essence here. However, we shall ensure that we do everything fast and with high precision and care so that we neither mess up nor take too long because raising a claim for a slip and fall accident should be done within 24 months from the time the accident happened.

We shall evaluate how much your damages cause and establish our claim for compensation here. The settlement offer by the insurance company, if any, should be able to cover the damages incurred which may include but are not limited to physical and psychological injuries and pain, losses due to incapacitation, whether temporary or permanent and even medical and rehabilitation expenses.

We shall fight your case through settlement or in court, depending on how cooperative your insurance company will be. In most cases, slip and fall accidents get to court trials because most insurance companies assume that you’ll not be able to prove fault. However, they’re wrong because professionals are handling your case, and we leave no stone unturned.