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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Ever heard or been involved in a motor vehicle accident? At a point in your life, one or the other must have happened because they’re so rampant in Canada and the same case is true for all over the world. These are accidents caused by and involving all kinds of cars, vans, and trucks. Various statistical data carried out proves that these cases are so high that towards the end of the year and every beginning of the year marking both the months of December and January, the numbers of car accidents and their casualties shoot up especially because of the change in climatic conditions and other factors, which are mostly a result of carelessness.

Every year, hospitals swarm with motor vehicle accidents, and while they’re so common everywhere, they can also be so deadly or hold serious injuries. Many personal injury victims for motor vehicle accidents have lost their sight because of acid corrosion, lost their feet because of amputation either in the accident site or in the hospital because of pressing conditions caused by the accident and even lost their hands. Those who’ve survived have lived to tell a story of how something so little turned deadly in a matter of seconds.


What are the causes of these accidents? Could the causes lead you in the direction of compensation? Most definitely, yes! Finding out the causes of these accidents or rather, establishing them puts you and also puts us in a position to tell whether you can or cannot get compensated on your personal injury claims.

The following are some of the major causes:


Human causes. These are usually intentional or unintentional causes, both by a fellow person, which in most cases could have been avoided were they careful enough. They include but are not limited to reckless or careless driving, negligence, over-speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and or drug substance, and even fatigue. While all these can be avoided, most people still cause accidents on a daily basis due to the stated factors.

Natural causes. These are causes that even if a driver wanted to avoid, they might not be able to because of the natural nature of the causative factor. They may include but are not limited to bad weather, harsh climatic conditions spanning a long time like is the case during winter, and even earthquakes, which are rare cases. While these accidents seem to be entirely uncontrollable, they’re mostly coupled up with some human factors, that’s why not all accidents that happen due to bad weather go unpunished. You may find that a driver over sped during bad weather and as a result, caused an accident.

Road construction defects. These are construction defects that leave road users susceptible to road accidents. They usually demand a high level of care when driving, which is sadly not something most drivers in Canada can do. They include but are not limited to steep road terrains, sharp bends, and even slim road widths. Just like natural causes, these road construction defects are usually coupled with some human cause for an accident to happen, say for example a driver overtook another vehicle on a sharp bend.

Vehicle defects. These are defects on the vehicle that may or may not be a direct cause of the accident. However, most defects cannot be used as a defense because the driver will be regarded as negligent for not figuring out that the vehicle they were driving was defective. You’ll also find that most drivers who cause accidents because of vehicle defects knew beforehand that their vehicles had an issue, but they neglected it anyway. This cause is therefore most closely connected to negligence.

What You Should Do

Before taking any other further action, why don’t you let us take over your case? You need professionals who are well aware of what they’re doing and can go lengths to ensure you win your compensation claim. We are your professional attorneys who have your interests at heart. Therefore, what you should do when you find yourself in need of legal representation at such times, before or after a motor vehicle accident, is call us.

What We Will Do

Connect you with proficient specialists to ensure you get proper medical care in case you’re injured. You are our first priority, and so is your health. We shall, therefore, patch you through to professional healthcare professionals that we know of.

Take over and investigate your case to ensure that we have anything and everything we can use to fight for your compensation. Your insurance company may try to avoid liability for compensation; we shall make sure they do not by carrying out a wide yet fast investigation of what caused the accident.

Contact credible witnesses and get their testimonies. This will help us build our case.

Reach out to our contacts in various relevant sectors for consultation on the cause of the accident and help with proving the facts. This help could come in the form of modern technologies like computer simulations to actualize the facts of the case.

Evaluate the damages incurred to be able to establish a reasonable amount for settlement. This should cover your physical and psychological injuries, physical and psychological pain and distress, property damage, loss of an economically dependable loved one, temporary and permanent incapacitation and losses incurred due to the same, among several other damages that we’ll find relevant to your case.

Fight the case. With everything we need to begin the pursuit for your compensation, we shall reach out to your insurance company and try to negotiate your settlement. If it goes through and we’re satisfied that the offered amount is satisfactory enough and shall cover all the damages incurred, both short term and long-term, then we will come to an amicable agreement; otherwise, we’ll proceed for a court trial which by then, we shall be very ready to tackle.

  • Establish liability. We do this by preserving evidence and interviewing witnesses.
  • Receive proper medical care. Meanwhile, we shall take care of things as you recover from your injuries.
  • Understand the law. This will help you know and understand your rights.
  • Collect necessary medical records. We’ll then document your injuries to aid in your claim for full compensation.
  • Receive the full compensation that you deserve and are entitled to as per the provisions of the law.
  • Negotiate a settlement that takes into account all your future medical and financial needs.

Considering that you don’t directly come across road accidents or handle these cases, why don’t you let us handle your automobile case? We have a 25-year record of successes and experience picked up along the way, to add to the fact that we handle car accident cases on a regular basis and are therefore confident enough that we can handle yours. Apart from giving you adequate expert advice and guidance, we shall take our time to understand both you and your accident case. This way, we’ll be ready to get enough armor to start fighting your case like the professionals that we are.

Malicious intent accidents are accidents that happen as a result of using defective products which a company markets with full awareness of the defectiveness. Victims of such accidents may be entitled to punitive and even compensatory damages or both. With one of our expert and professional injury attorneys, we’ll help you build a strong case after having determined the damages to which you’re eligible.