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What could be more precious than life? We always do anything and everything we can for its preservation and even improvement of its conditions. But then, some things are just beyond our control, and while at times they may not be so, we find ourselves transfixed in a spot as victims of calamities. Accidents can be so tragic. They can claim lives, wound its victims so badly, and on another hand, they may leave one with minor injuries and bruises while it’s never really a surprise that some accident victims come out unscathed. In Canada alone, there are millions of reported accident cases, whose rates usually increase towards end-years and the beginning of the following year, which draws the highest accident report cases to the months of December through to January.

Avoidable? Yes. Most if not all accidents are avoidable, but once they happen, the first priority is usually in getting help and ensuring you’re first well and in recovery before the fault can be established, and a case construed. Preservation of life takes a priority. But what happens during this recovery period and afterwards? While accidents can indeed be tragic, their aftermaths can actually be worse! Think about the permanent injuries you may sustain, which may or may not leave you temporarily or permanently incapacitated. Think about the hospital bills you’ll have to settle during or after your recovery. Think about the permanent damages to your property that you may never be able to recover from on your own. Think about the emotional pain and torture that the accident put you through, and other losses that you or your family and friends may have incurred; loss of life for instance. This is why finding out what really caused the accident is of great importance.

Let Us Be Your Attorneys of Choice

Our job is to help you with everything that happens after the occurrence of an accident. We want to make sure that we know exactly what happened. You don’t have to worry about what next, because it’s our job to take care of that. Let us take care of you so that you can, in turn, do the same to and for us, after everything is settled and you’re happy.

So, What Next?

Once the cause of the accident has been established, it’s easier to figure out whether you’ll have to accept the losses, struggle with your bills and move on in a case where you’re entirely in fault, or if you’ll have to take up legal arms and seek after compensation for your losses where the fault lies in someone else’s actions or omissions, in part or in whole. In the latter case, we’re experts of the law and will help you ensure you get compensated. You deserve more than just bread crumbs of your whole entitled compensation, which is a risk you may face if you’re not well represented. Our personal injury attorneys know what to do to ensure that you get the whole deal and not a single cent of your entitled compensation is sat on by your insurance company.

Did You Know That You’re Entitled to a Compensation?

Many people don’t usually concern themselves with things they feel they may not need at the moment. However, it’s always good to learn the things that at one point or another, may affect your life directly or indirectly, on a negative capacity. This is not being negative; it is being realistic and therefore, getting prepared.

The law is in place to, among other things, protect your rights, interests and even certain beliefs that may be of great value to your life. In accident cases, the law appreciates the fact that certain accidents may not be caused by natural calamities, but are instead due to human negligence, recklessness and even one’s intent to cause harm. With the value of human life held at the greatest importance, the law, therefore, tries to ensure that accident victims affected directly or indirectly by accidents due to such factors are compensated wholesomely and adequately. And while this may never restore you to the point you were in prior to the accident, your losses will be compensated with something of almost equal value or of a value that will enable you to live life the way you could have, had the accident not happened.

Talking of accident compensations may sound pretty easy; you may even think that it’ll be a walk in the park. Well, nothing is that easy when you’re dealing with money. Anyone entitled to give it as compensation of losses caused will always fight spitefully to protest against losing any more of their precious bank notes. But we want you to get what you deserve at the end of the day, and will, therefore, fight your case with unmatched determination.

Accident compensations can be acquired through a settlement agreement or a court case along a civil approach. Just from their natures, settlement schemes are usually easier and most preferred because agreements can be amicably reached fast and without much struggle. Court cases are tough because of the involvement of a jury and a judge, both of which are impartial third parties who require enough proof and evidence to substantiate your claim. Unlike a settlement, your arguments here are not meant to lead to an agreement; they’re meant to convince the two critical third parties that you indeed deserve the compensation and have all rights to.

Why A Settlement May Not Be Easy

While a settlement is naturally easy to fight through, it’s not always that easy! Negotiating for compensation of huge sums of money may not always end well, considering nobody ever parts with money without a fight. Do not always opt to a settlement, with the assumption that your insurance company may take it easy on you. That’s not always the case. Insurance companies are full of mischief, and they’ll always do everything in their power to shake off any claim of compensation and where they feel they may not be able to, then they’ll try to cut down the amount as much as they can. They have very many techniques of doing either or both of those and come out victors, and you, therefore, need someone with experience dealing with them, handling your settlement.

Why A Court Cause May Not Be Easy

A court cause may be a preference to a settlement when the insurance company is on the verge of a successful shakedown of your claim. However, you should never resolve to a court case if you feel that you’re not well armed with enough evidence, witnesses and anything else to help corroborate your claim. You can consider those other things, miscellaneous, though they hold a high significance when a trial begins because juries are used to court arguments and therefore may believe that just because you can argue your case well doesn’t mean you’re right. This is where you may need something to substantiate your evidence, claims, and even statements. Ever thought of how well technology can serve your case a win? New technologies can help you make visual illustrations of your narrations, and therefore make your statements more real. This will give your case more weight and a possible win!

Why You Should Let Go and Let Us

Do you feel the urge to take your case forward on your own? Do you feel that you can pull it off? Before you make a hasty decision, think about what you’ve lost. Take your time and count the losses and weigh the probability of you winning against an insurance company which has been handling these kinds of cases for over ten years. Do you still think it’s a good idea to pursue your compensation on your own? Well, we don’t think so, and that’s why we’re here for you. We understand the kind of loss you must have incurred, and are here to make things better. We have garnered a high level of experience over the years and have established trust with many individuals who will always come in handy when handling your case.

We don’t just have a team of professional lawyers fighting for your rights; we have a team of experts spread across the health, engineering and even technology industries that serve the purposes of consultations. Do you want to make visual illustrations in court to convince the jury that the accident was not your fault? We’ve got you covered! Do you need urgent medical attention after an accident? We know so many doctors who’re always willing to dispatch their services to you whenever needed to. Do you need an automotive engineer to prove that your vehicle was not faulty prior to the accident or a civil engineer to prove that the offender’s vehicle swerved way over to your side before hitting you? You’re covered!

Working together, we believe that we can win your compensation claim, either through settling or in a court trial. The moment we put our experience in play, which spans to over twenty years; the moment we put our acquired skills in play; the moment we present the collected evidence and witness testimonies and the moment we put other corroborating tools in play, we’re sure to secure you a victory and a handsome well-deserved compensation!