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Common questions regarding car accident injury claims as detailed by an injury attorney. For other frequently asked questions consult with the  Personal Injury Associate FAQ page.

Time starts ticking on the 8th day after the accident.

You’re free to file a suit on non pecuniary damages as long as you can prove that your injury caused a permanent incapacitation/impairment or permanent serious disfigurement. The incapacitation on the former has to be of a crucial body organ which may inhibit physical, psychological or mental body functions.

If the award offered by the jury is above the new threshold amount of $129,395.49, then you shall receive the full amount. An amount for damages that you’ll otherwise receive will have a deduction of $38,818.97.

Yes, they can. You can sue on claims of loss of care, companionship, and guidance. The same claims can be raised upon death. The threshold for these claims is set at $64,697.21, where they’ll not be subject to the deductible of $19,409.49.

No. This is because the loss of income is not considered non pecuniary general damages.

Collateral and accident benefits aside, you’re entitled to at least 70% of your income before trial and the full amount afterwards.

These are the benefits you receive for injuries in the workplace.

You can claim all medical expenses which may include but are not limited to hospital bills and rehabilitation costs.

These are indirect losses that you incur due to your inability to perform your regular duties, like hiring someone to drive you or do other daily activities like chores.