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Frequently asked questions regarding disability claims in Ontario. For information on other injury related cases, consult with our Personal Injury Associate FAQ page.

  1. Disability claims cases may not have standard time limits within which they’ll be settled. However, we’ll always try to get you fair compensation as soon as we can, at an average of 18 months. Less complex cases get settled faster, with at times even getting closed within the first 12 months, while more complex cases take between 18 to 24 months and at times even 36 months. The severity of your injuries and extent of your damages may determine how fast or slow your case is going to be settled, and the nature of your accident may determine its complexity.
  1. We only get paid when you do. This means that winning your case takes priority and therefore when we do, that’s when we’ll charge a percentage of your settlement.

Your countdown will always start on the day the accident happened. Reach out to us today, and we’ll help you establish how much time you have.

Whether or not you have a strong case will depend on several factors which may include but are not limited to available and collected evidence, credible witness accounts and statements, the number of available witnesses with similar accounts, facts of the case which are in line with witness statements, documentation and even police findings. Do not be worried, however, that you may not have a strong case because no case is won at its kickoff. Therefore, we shall always do all that we can to ensure we win you your deserved compensation. If you still have more inquiries on this, then reach out to us today, and we shall help clarify everything.

We usually do a damages evaluation to establish how much you lost due to the accident and the total amount that you can possibly get in fair and adequate compensation. In this evaluation, we shall consider the extent of your injuries, both physical and psychological; emotional distress caused, medical costs, and even rehabilitation costs among several other considerations, depending on your case. We shall then fight to win your case and upon so, we shall charge a fee on your settlement and the remainder will be all yours.

No. This is because you’re our top and only priority and if we were to represent insurance companies like most law firms do, then we’d run at a risk of facing a conflict of interests. We want our attention and focus to be on winning your case and only yours, without having to worry about your insurance company. This way, the whole process of fighting your case will not be filled with distractions and red lines.

The compensation amount that we shall claim, upon settlement, should cover all your expenses and other damages which may include but are not limited to physical and psychological pain, and other losses like income. This compensation should also cover both short and long-term injuries and medical expenses. Therefore, after reaching an amicable settlement and signing off, the insurance company shall not make any future payments.

The adjuster can’t do anything to change the status of your termination. To avoid incriminating yourself, reach out to us if your benefits have been terminated and we shall advise you on the way forward.