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Canada is sadly one of the countries prone to accidents which often leave most of their victims with serious injuries. Accidents also come with costs on damages, physical and psychological pain, and directly irreplaceable losses in cases of death. Wouldn’t it be fair to get compensated in cases where the cause of the accident was either preventable or intentional? Within the confines of the law, there’s a provision entitling personal injury victims to compensation. Have you or anyone you know been involved in an accident? You should know that you can seek compensation, and we’re here to help through the process so that you don’t have to stress too much and yet at the end, get fully and adequately compensated.

What You Get?

  • Professional representation. We are a team of skilled and experienced lawyers who are dedicated to serving our clients with the utmost professionalism.
  • Undivided attention. We do not represent insurance companies. Our focus is on you and your case.
  • Amazing payment scheme. We ask for payment only unless and upon our triumph.
  • Responsive customer service. We have a 24-hr responsive customer service always ready to hear you out.

We listen

What better way to half-solve your legal issues than to get someone who can listen to you and understand? We take our time with you just to understand your situation and understand you more. This will put us a better position when working on your case.

We advise

After listening to your case and going through the provided facts, we shall give you professional advice that we are certain will in a way be helpful. Not sure of what to do after an accident? Are you conflicted on whether or not you should report the matter to relevant authorities? Give us a call first, and we shall advise you appropriately.

We win

We all want to win, don’t we? Victory will to you, mean an adequate compensation and will to us, mean your satisfaction. We shall use all resources in our reach to ensure we win your case or reach a settlement agreement. We have a good record of successes, and with a lot of hope, yours will be the next.

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The following are some of the practice areas we deal with:

What We Do

Culpa qui officia

Bankruptcy, Immigration

Duis aute irure dolor

Admiralty Law, Business

Temporibus autem

Civil Rights, Criminal Law

Cum soluta nobis est

Admiralty Law, Civil Rights

Nam libero tempore

Bankruptcy, Criminal Law

But in certain


Et harum quidem

Admiralty Law, Civil Rights

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicles, which include but are not limited to automobiles and trucks have been involved in some of the grizzliest road accidents due to various reasons. Most of these reasons are due to negligence and recklessness. Driving under the influence of drugs has also been reported to be one of the major causes of these road accidents. We have expert lawyers who deal with injury claims on motor vehicle accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are not as rampant as automobile accidents, but they’re more fatal due to the exposing nature of motorcycles, which leaves you susceptible to serious injuries in case of an accident. You have a right to seek compensation for any injuries or damages sustained in such accidents, and with one of our motorcycle accident lawyers representing you, you’ll be sure to walk home happier than you were prior to handing us the case.

Medical Malpractices

Medical malpractices can be deadly, and in the same way, they can be difficult to prove. Furthermore, doctors are well-guarded against claims on medical malpractices, and therefore getting compensated in such cases can be quite difficult. However, with one of our professional attorneys, your worries should already be dropping because we shall use every resource that we can get our hands on to make sure you win the case and get compensated because it’s your right.

Slip & Fall Incidents

Who do you blame in a slip and fall incident? Did you know that these accidents can be deadly? In other cases, they can even leave you permanently incapacitated. Let us handle your slip and fall accident as soon as it happens, and we shall discuss the way forward and advise you on the possible measures. Where compensation is deserved, we shall make sure we fight for you until you get it!

There Are Many Law Firms Out There. But Why Us?

We dedicate our practice exclusively on behalf of accident victims, disability claimants, and their families.


We are a team of well-trained lawyers with long-term experience. We have dealt with so many personal injury cases, and you should keep in mind that personal injury is our specialty. Our team of professional attorneys have good workmanship and are split into their various specializations. While an expert lawyer will work on your motorcycle accident, another will work on your slip and fall accident. This way, we’re able to cover various fields of personal injury and ensure you dedicated, expert and a wholesome representation.


We have our priorities right, and on top of them all, is you. You are why we are in operation, and we’d like you to know that we shall always put your interests above anything else. This means that before anything else, we shall ensure you’re first settled in areas of:


We shall first ensure that you’re in recovery and as you get well, we shall be fighting for your compensation. Because we have connections with many proficient doctors and other health specialists all over Canada, owing to our year of experience, we can link you with them so that you get expert care. While you’re at it, we shall handle your case so that all you have to worry about is getting well as we worry about winning your case or reaching an amicable settlement agreement.


We don’t want you to worry about your hospital bills. You’re already in enough pain, so why don’t you let us take care of that for you? Keeping in mind that we’re fighting for either your settlement or your case, we can make arrangements for the settling of your bills as an advance. Either the settlement or the case we shall win shall cover the costs spent prior to the triumph.


Since you are our priority, we try as much as possible to avoid a conflict of interests. Most law firms make a huge and terrible mistake of representing both personal injury victims and their insurance companies. In the course of the representation, there’ll be a conflict of interests, and the subject lawyers may end up making bad decisions based on these facts. We do not represent insurance companies. This allows us to set our minds right to who we’re working for and what we intend to achieve. You are our top priority. We shall represent your needs with all that we have and secure you a win.

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We dedicate our practice exclusively on behalf of accident victims, disability claimants, and their families.

In addition to our team of law clerks, legal assistants, and clerical support staff; Personal Injury Associate Law has a network of nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, chiropractors, registered massage therapists, rehab coaches, vocational counselors, psychologists and social workers we consult with to better help you with your case. We have assembled our network from across Ontario.

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