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Winter sports and exploration have always held important places in the hearts of Canadians of all ages. With the variety of terrain and weather conditions, it’s not surprising many consider Ontario to be a veritable outdoor wonderland. Snowmobiling is an especially beloved pastime, with thousands taking advantage of scenic pathways and trails throughout Ontario each year.Sadly, an alarming number of riders are seriously injured and worse due to the negligence of others. This is where a Toronto snowmobile accident lawyer can help.


Statistics from the Canadian Institute for Health Information help illustrate the significant risks faced by snowmobile riders and the very real need for safety training and precautions.

With roughly 50 snowmobile-related fatalities occurring each year in Quebec and Ontario alone and at least another 1,200 injury events requiring hospitalization, it has become increasingly apparent that this activity has the potential to cause devastating harm in the absence of caution, care and responsible operation on the part of everyone involved. Third-party tort litigation can also be an option in certain cases.

The Motorized Snow Vehicles Act, found at R.S.O. 1990, c. M.44, requires that snowmobiles be insured much in the same way as other vehicles that are operated on highways. Thus, policies of this nature are essentially the same as those issued to auto owners.

Those injured while operating snowmobiles may be able to receive benefits and protections the same or similar to those that would be offered following a car crash, including Statutory Accident Benefits as well as coverage related to uninsured or unidentified operators.


When used according to safe operation standards and with appropriate protective equipment, snowmobiles have the capacity to provide hours upon hours of wintertime fun. Unfortunately, there are numerous circumstances and scenarios that can make riding these vehicles exceptionally dangerous, perhaps even deadly.

Defectively designed or manufactured vehicles, components and gear; negligent or impaired operation and shoddily maintained trails all have the ability to cause catastrophic crashes and massive physical and financial loss. Some typical factors contributing to snowmobile injuries include:

  • Driver intoxication due to alcohol or drugs
  • Operation at nighttime with reduced visibility or inoperable taillights
  • Defective products causing catastrophic failure of equipment
  • Excessive speeds that reduce ability to control vehicle or engage in evasive maneuvers where necessary
  • Negligence on behalf of another motor vehicle driver


Because snowmobiles tend to be driven at relatively high rates of speed and often make sharp turns, it is no surprise that the sorts of injuries commonly suffered in subsequent accidents are often rather profound.

Crush injuries are especially common, occurring when the hands, legs, feet or arms of riders and/or passengers become entangled between the ground and the machine itself. Other types of harm frequently seen in snowmobile accidents include:

  • Deep lacerations
  • Serious bone fractures
  • Death
  • Deep lacerations
  • Serious bone fractures
  • Death


It is impossible to deny the potentially permanent, life-altering outcomes that can follow serious snowmobiling accidents and the pain, suffering and disability that victims are left to face. Given these stark realities, it is crucial for those injured to secure the help of a Toronto snowmobile accident lawyer who will step into the fray and fight hard for every dollar of available compensation.

By conducting an exhaustive investigation of the facts, interviewing witnesses, reviewing medical records and aligning with subject matter experts including engineers and accident reconstruction professionals, an injury practitioner will formulate the theories and arguments necessary to win. The losses sustained in incidents of this nature are often massive, and may encompass:

  • Medical bills
  • Costs of physical therapy and/or rehab services
  • Lost wages
  • Reductions in future earning capacity
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional trauma and its ongoing effects
  • Lost familial and marital relationships
  • Loss of financial support for remaining dependents in cases of fatality
  • Funeral costs
The days, weeks and even months that follow a catastrophic snowmobile accident are typically a time period filled with fear, anger, frustration and often, a focus on simple survival. However, victims and their families need to keep in mind that the time to pursue the compensation to which they are entitled is not unlimited.

The sooner action is taken and the aid of a skilled legal practitioner is obtained, the greater the chances of securing fair financial recovery and the sense of vindication that can be pivotal to healing.


To boost the chances of an appropriate outcome after a snowmobile crash, victims can take a number of key steps certain to strengthen their claim.

Undergoing all necessary medical treatment, collecting relevant documentation, producing photographic evidence, contacting insurance carriers and building a strong record of everything that has occurred will help construct a persuasive picture of damages sustained and compensation required.

Whether full financial recovery is best obtained via an insurance carrier or perhaps through a third-party action against a negligent party, there is no time to waste in terms of examining avenues of recourse.


Those harmed in serious snowmobile accidents that are suspected to be the fault of another party may feel as though they have little chance of making their case. However, our Toronto snowmobile accident lawyers understand what it takes to marshal essential evidence and mount the strongest possible arguments on behalf of those injured.

With cases handled by Personal Injury Associate, no legal fees will be due unless or until a positive financial resolution is attained. There is nothing for snowmobile crash victims to lose by exploring their legal options, but instead, a great deal to gain. Contact us today for a free case review.