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As Canadians live longer and become more active as they age, hip implant surgeries are required more often. These surgeries remove damaged components of the natural hip and replace them with prosthesis, or artificial parts.

While these surgeries were once considered to be quite complicated, today they are very common and considered to be relatively low-risk procedures. However, that may depend on the type of hip implant the patient receives. Hip implants, especially those that involve metal-on-metal components, can come with many problems and side effects.

Those who have had a hip implant and are now experiencing problems should contact a Toronto hip implant injury lawyer right away. An experienced injury attorney can work to put together the strongest claim possible and ensure that those injured know what to expect at each step of the legal process.


Replacing natural hip bones with artificial components requires surgery and as such, many individuals automatically assume that their hip implant injury lawsuit will involve medical malpractice. But more often than not in Canada, they are part of product liability law.

This is because there have been so many hip implant manufacturers that simply did not create a device that would allow a person to live a better life but instead, caused injury. And in the worst of cases, these manufacturers knew about the problems their devices caused, yet did nothing to prevent them from happening again in the future.

Health Canada has identified 12 of 33 manufacturers that have issued recalls on their hip implants, but some did so far too late.

For instance, the DePuy implant is one that is causing an immense amount of grief all over the country. DePuy advertised their product to doctors as being better than other hip implant products. They stated that their product would bring faster recovery times to patients, last longer and would be minimally invasive.

In 2007, DePuy was notified by the Australian Joint Registry that many patients were having serious problems with DePuy hip implants. However, it was not until two years later, in 2009, when DePuy finally warned Canadian patients and doctors of the risks of failure with their implants.

And unfortunately, DePuy has not been the only manufacturer to produce defective hip implants. Other devices that have been known to cause problems are the Zimmer Durom Cup and Stryker Orthopedics.

Patients have who have undergone hip replacement surgeries and are now experiencing complications from that surgery should seek the help of a qualified hip implant injury lawyer in Toronto.


It can be difficult for patients to tell if their hip implant is failing, as it is a device that cannot be seen with the human eye. However, there are symptoms that patients can look for after surgery that indicate a problem. These symptoms include:

  • Pain in the hip, groin or leg
  • Crunching or cracking noises in the hip
  • Swelling in the hip joint
  • Noticeable limp, favouring one leg over the other
  • Difficulty rising from a seated or reclined position
  • Difficulty or reluctance in moving, due to pain
  • Tissue and muscle damage


The treatment for a hip implant injury, especially those caused by the metal-on-metal devices, often require extensive revision surgery. This surgery removes the defective hip implant and replaces it with new, effective and safe parts. But while initial hip implant surgeries are very common and have fairly quick recovery times, the revision surgery is much more painful and takes patients much longer to recover.

However, with the help of X-rays, doctors can now determine to a fair degree if a hip implant is going to cause problems even before they start.


A Toronto hip implant lawyer can also help patients who have had hip implant surgeries and are now experiencing problems.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a hip implant in Toronto, contact Personal Injury Associate today. Millions of Canadians have already received compensation for their defective hip implants, and you may be able to, too.